Here are some of the services we offer 

Full Detail  

Full Detailing includes: 

Interior: Vacuuming

Floor mat foam shampooing

Dusting,Air Vent cleaning,

Upholstery steam cleaning and shampooing,Window cleaning


Wheel & Rim Cleaning/Polishing, Wheel dressing, Two stage hand wash, Iron and break dust decontamination, Hand applied coat of wax, Rainex- if you prefer so  

Maintenance wash

After the vehicle been professionally detailed its much easier to keep it spotless with the maintenance wash.

Maintenance wash usually consists of almost the same full detail except exterior waxing , leather conditioning and couple of other jobs. Maintenance wash will make sure your vehicle will stay protected and looking new just like after a full detail job. 

Ceramic coatings


• 1 Layer of SB3 ALPHA 5 year coating on all painted surfaces

• 1 Layer of SOLUTIONS Trim on exterior plastic restorer

• 3 Layers of SB3 OPTIC 1 year Windshield Coating

• 2 Layers of SB3 VORTEX Wheel Coating



• 1 Layer of SB3 OMEGA 2 year coating on all paintwork

• 1 Layer of SOLUTIONS Trim on exterior plastic restorer

• 2 Layers of SB3 OPTIC 1 year Windshield Coating

• 1 Layer of SB3 VORTEX Wheel Coating



• 1 Layer of SB3 SOLO on all paintwork

• 1 Layer of ADAMS GLASS

• 1 Coat of Synthetic wheel wax

*Price for an average size sedan

Janis did an amazing job on our Audi, taking special care of the soft top in addition to making the rest of the car look showroom shiny. It's amazing the difference on the inside before and after.

Super friendly, responsive and all around great guy and company, wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to show a little love to their car!


Audi S5

Just what I wanted! So much better and more thoroughly cleaned than those auto wash places. Janis was super friendly, accommodating and easy to communicate with. Just perfect!!!!! Don’t hesitate!



Highly recommend. Janis was professional, easy to work with and flexible with his schedule. My husband’s truck looks amazing again. As a General Contractor his truck can gets quite dirty from all the job sites. Thanks to Janis, it is back to pristine condition.



Our Services

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240$ Full Detail average size Hatchback 

Full detail will take on average between 3-4 h 

260$ Full Detail SUV

Full Detail will take on average between 4-5h 

280$ Full Detail XL- SUV's, Trucks, Minivans

On extra large Suv's, Trucks and minivans full detail will take between 4-7h. SUV's with 7 seats or more are classified as XL . 

Boats, Trailers, Aircrafts 

Aircraft's, Boats and trailers are usually priced at the location. To give you an idea for boats and trailers prices are between 15-25$ per foot 

Extra fees

*Additional fees can be for a pet hair removal

And heavily neglected cars